Meet our team.

A lot of CTY-ers are working on the Forevermore Times podcast. Come see who they are.


Hi, y'all! I'm Cy, one of the hosts of the podcast. I've done three years of CTY, two at Lancaster and one at Princeton, and then I aged out. CTY for me isn't so much about the classes, though there wouldn't be a CTY without them. It's not about the activities, though those can be enjoyable and even traditional. It's about the people you meet, the friends you make along the way. It's about the fun times you have, the ludicrous pastimes of CTY that don't make sense anywhere else. This podcast is a way to take the spirit of CTY -- its people -- and share that on a wider scale throughout the year. It's gonna be great.


Hi! I'm Daisy and I am a four year fulfillment and a nomore. I've attended BabyCTY BRI 15.2, and CTY SAR 16.2, 17.2, and 18.1. I helped create the lunch cult with many people. What I love about CTY is the shenanigans, tradition, love, and the community. I'm also most likely to lose the game, and I am very sorry to say that I've lost it again.


Hey, I'm Dhruvi! I attended Carlisle 18.1 and am going to return for 19.1. I love everything about CTY: the students, the staff, the traditions, the jokes, the canon, the dances, and the inclusivity. CTY has been the place where I've grown most as a person and discovered a lot about myself. I am honored to call myself a CTY-er. I have no complaints about CTY, besides wishing that I could spend my entire summer there. For the podcast, I created this website & I hope to host some episodes! Feel free to follow me on instagram @dhruvimirani. I like you, I love you, I CTY you!


Hi! I’m Isaac. I both work on social media outreach and am a host of the podcast. I have been to Fetus CTY at Brooklandville in 14.1 and 15.1, along with CTY at Carlisle in 16.1, 17.1, 18.1, and hopefully 19.1, where I will be the Nondenominational Spiritual Figure. I love CTY because of its acceptance and community. Everyone is respected and embraced by the community. Highlights of my time at CTY include spraining my ankle reading poetry and losing my voice for the whole entire time. At CTY, I normally can be found interacting with every single CTYer and making incredibly poor food choices. I am extremely excited to be working on this podcast with such wonderful people!


Hi! I’m Leah, a girl who loves CTY because, for a lack of better words, it gave me a home. I could spend hours describing why, but I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want to hear that. I am a five year freak, which means I am technically a 3 more and hope to come back to Saratoga for them all. Only complaint about CTY? I wish it was longer. I was the one who thought up the idea for this podcast, but I could have never made it without the help of these awesome people here on this page. I work on hosting, thinking of ideas, and run the Snapchat. I like you, I love you, I CTY you!


howdy its naomi!! here at the forevermore times whermst i contribute to the podcast content itself & also help with social media :) im a longtime ctyer, with 4 years of baby cty brooklandville sesh 1 & 4 years of cty carlisle sesh 1 under my belt! i adore cty, as it’s been an incredibly positive, supportive family for me these past 8 years, & has played a huge role into shaping me into who i am today. traditions, especially, really create this sense of love & family at cty- this past summer, i was honored to be poetry goddess, part of cty royalty! i will be returning 19.1 for my ninth & final year at carlisle! feel free to talk to me about any and all things cty through instagram & snapchat (@naomicarpentr) or email ( i like you, i love you, i cty you!


Hi, I attended SAR 18.2, and I am planning on coming back to SAR 19.2 for my Forevermore year. I love CTY for everything, the classes, traditions, people, raving, and general spirit. I love CTY for being the bubble of happiness for three weeks. One thing I don't like about CTY is that it ends of a Friday, I wish it ended on a Saturday. In Forevermore Times I do odd jobs here and there; I am helping out with the podcast, writing and thinking of ideas, and of course, RAVING. Pronouns: she/her. I will be SAR Empress 19.2. We're all potatoes.


My name is Nate. I have gone to Carlisle 18.1 and JHU 18.2, and I am planning on going to Carlisle 19.1 which will be my last year at CTY. My favorite parts of CTY is the community. The people at CTY are so nice and I have been given so many great opportunities including helping create this podcast. For the podcast I am not a host; however, I am in charge of production and help run the email and Instagram account. I am so glad to have this chance to work with these amazing people and learn how to produce this podcast.